The leadership of Shield Evangelical Church is as follows:

The leadership of Shield Evangelical Church is comprised of our Senior Elder and Pastor Adam Rushton and two further elders in Peter Maloney and Trevor Halcrow. In accordance with the bible’s teaching on local church leadership, the aim of the eldership is to act as ‘under-shepherds.’ That is, they strive to put Jesus ways into practice themselves first and then to humbly serve the church so that together we live for the ‘great Shepherd of the sheep’ himself; Jesus Christ.



Pastor Adam Rushton Pastor

Adam is married to Helen-Clare and came to South Shields with their family in 2012. Adam became the Senior Elder and pastor of Shield Evangelical Church at its formation in November 2014. Adam has a passion for Jesus and living for Him in the local church. Together with the family, they have committed themselves to the gospel work here in Shields and have a huge heart for this local community.


Trevor Halcrow Elder

Trevor Halcrow

Trevor was born and raised in South Shields and came to a true knowledge of Christ at age 20. He is married to Lynne and they both serve Christ through Shield Evangelical Church, as does their son Josh when he is home from university. 

Trevor writes “Although taken to Sunday School as an infant and attending different meetings as a child, I struggled with Christ and the Church through my teenage years. I started attending Church again in my late teens and thanks to the prayers of many, Christ revealed himself to me in a deeper way than the children’s stories I heard whilst growing up. I realised that I was far from perfect (and still am) but Christ has not come for the perfect, He has come for the broken. I draw comfort from all of Scripture but Philippian Ch1 v6 keeps my eyes fixed on Him:"


"And I am certain that God, who began a good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ returns.” Philippian 1:6 (NIV)

Peter Maloney Elder

Peter Maloney

Peter was born and raised in Shields. He became an elder of Shield Evangelical Church at its inception and continues to serve on the leadership team whilst maintaining a busy work schedule through the week that takes him all over the country. Peter has much testimony of Jesus’ love and power in his life and his godliness and abandon for Christ have been a terrific encouragement to the church family.

Shield Evangelical Church
On Sundays Beach Road
South Shields, Tyne & Wear
NE33 2SA

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