Easter Week

He is not here; he has been raised, just as he said. ” Matthew 28:6

This week we are looking to answer the ultimate question:

Why do Christian celebrate Easter?

Social media is the new normal when it comes to communication, so each day we will be making a Facebook post that will highlight questions that a lot of us have about this time of year, but maybe we have been too afraid to ask.

However, we know a lot of you want answers; this is why we would like to give you all a warm invitation to our Good Friday and Easter Sunday services! Why not find out for yourself what Easter is all about! It could change your life!

Come and BE MY GUEST!

Who Is Jesus?

As you can see from the video there are lots of different opinions on who Jesus is, but what is true? Many people can quote the story of Jesus that he was sent to earth by God the Father to die for the sins of all mankind, in order that we could have life after death.

But did you know that Jesus is so much more than just a pass into eternity. For many He is their constant friend, a source of wisdom, in him they find their peace and life’s purpose. Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life” For many this is not mere words but reality, with roughly 2.1 Billion Christians across the globe! Do you think they could all be wrong? All we are asking is that you come and find out for yourself.


So many questions but where do we find the answers?
Come and find the answers to these questions at our Good Friday and Easter Sunday Services.

Good Friday and Easter Sunday Services: Ocean Road Centre 10:30 am. All age groups are welcome - there is something for everyone!

Access Denied?

Access Denied?

Access Denied: for many of us this is how we feel about Jesus, we believe He could exist, but as for having any communication with Him, NO WAY! He seems inaccessible.

But what if I told you that having a relationship with you was the whole reason for your creation? Jesus wants to speak to you and help you in your life, similar to a close friend or family member. I know what you’re thinking, how? How do we communicate with someone we cannot see?

Christians if faced with this question would say you can access Jesus through prayer! But for many of you that would leave more questions than a satisfying answer. Exactly what is prayer? Can anyone do it? And does Jesus answer?

Prayer is as simple as talking to a friend on the telephone - you can talk to Him about anything. Prayer is for everyone - so yes that means YOU!

As for the question does Jesus answer prayer - I would say He most defiantly does! Often it isn’t an audible voice, it may be something you read in the bible or something a pastor has said. The thing is like us with friends, the more we know them, the more we recognise their voice. For Jesus it is the same, the more we pray, the more we will know when it is Him speaking to us.


Betrayal can feel like a bitter sting that lingers, it can come in many forms, but if we were to be honest with ourselves we can admit that we have also betrayed someone close to us too?

So what about Jesus then? Easter displays one of the biggest betrayal stories there is, when Judas one of Jesus’ closes companions, betrays him for 30 pieces of silver, which led to his brutal death.

We can often feel removed from this story, but Jesus like you and I would have felt the devastating pain of betrayal. The great thing for us, is that the story doesn’t end at this betrayal, for you and I it is the beginning of what could be a new life!

Don’t let your story end with the sometimes overwhelming pain of a betrayal or your betrayal to someone else. Why not come to our Good Friday and Easter Sunday services and allow Jesus himself to bring your story to completion. For each individual in these stories Jesus changed their life around! He can do the same for you.

Remember me!

Easter Week Remember Me

Remember me!

If we are honest most of us want to be remembered! Maybe for a talent, a scientific discovery, a good deed or even a bad one. Somehow we want to live on forever in the memory of others. But what if I told you, that you could potentially change your life by remembering one person in particular?

This time of year Christians everywhere are taking part in a meal of wine and bread to both identify and remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. He took the punishment for our sins and granted us access to eternity with Him. Death does not have to be the end!

Don't live your life trying to be remembered on earth, instead look to Jesus and rest in the knowledge that the grave isn't the end.

Good Friday.

Good Friday.

What is good about it?

Christians around the world celebrate today as: Good Friday, the day their Saviour Jesus died on the cross. Many people might ask what is so good about this day? Why would Christians celebrate someone’s death?

The reason is very simple, Jesus died in order to take the punishment for the wrongs of all mankind. By doing this everyone can have forgiveness and a relationship with Him. Isn't that something to celebrate?

Jesus suffered and died for you, so you could experience freedom, love, joy and peace - this is what Good Friday is all about! Don't wait another year to find out just how much Jesus really did for you! Come along to our service at 10:30am at Ocean Road Centre

Which do you see?

Shield Evangelical Church Easter week hope pic
Some see a hopeless end while others see an endless hope.”

Which do you see?

Don't be hopeless, this Sunday you can receive endless hope!

Come along to our Easter Service at Ocean Road Centre - 10:30am

He is Risen!

Easter Week He is Risen
He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”Matthew 28:6

Come be my guest! He is risen celebration at Ocean Road Centre at 10:30am! Everyone is welcome!

Shield Evangelical Church
On Sundays Beach Road
South Shields, Tyne & Wear
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